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Lobbies and Atriums:
Where Glass Really Shines.

Lobbies and Atriums are unique spaces in buildings that have their own set of challenges, considerations and requirements. They’re typically handled differently from standard building floors and are frequently designed to create both a connection between the external environment and the inside of the building and a dramatic impression for tenants and clients. Transparency is key to getting light into these spaces. 

Multnomah Courthouse – Josh Partee

Structural Glass Design Considerations

Lobbies and Atriums often serve as transitional areas, but are now being required to achieve the same thermal and optical performance considerations as regularly populated areas while integrating sustainable, green building practices. Insulating glass units with high-performance solar control coatings, glare control, solar shading, bird-friendly glazing, laminated glass for security, and even tintable electrochromic control are being required more frequently to better manage the environment inside these large spaces for comfort and energy performance. In addition to the exterior walls, vestibules are frequently employed to help create a further buffer from the hot or cold temperatures outside. There is a greater call for all glass vestibules to be provided within structural glass wall areas to maintain the clear continuity of these all-glass facades. W&W can aid in creating all glass vestibules integrated into these spaces.

Insight System with 46’ tall laminated glass fins with stainless steel bonded reveal profile and integrated concealed dead load shelves

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