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Criteria for Optimal Glass Performance.

Fabricated glass products can be chosen based on any number of criteria: to meet a certain color profile, to match performance elsewhere in the building, or for mechanical system performance requirements. Acoustic qualities can also factor in, as well as special requirements like bomb-blast, burglary/forced entry resistance or hurricane impact. We tailor solutions that meet your individual project requirements from best-in-class, global manufacturers. 

Glass Performance Information to Make Informed Selections

Key glass performance information helps architects and designers select the right glass products for their vision. Typical important values are: VLT (Visible Light Transmittance), Exterior Reflectance, SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient), SC (Shading Coefficient), U-Value and of course the color/neutrality of the glass, as well as OITC (Outdoor/Indoor Transmission Class) for control of exterior noise frequencies or STC (Sound Transmission Class) for sound attenuation of acoustics indoors.

Insight System with 46’ tall laminated glass fins with stainless steel bonded reveal profile and integrated concealed dead load shelves

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