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The W&W Difference

What makes W&W Glass stand out
from other system suppliers?

There’s a whole range of reasons, but they all point to one word: Expertise. There’s no one with more expertise in building enclosure systems and glass installation than W&W. You can feel it from our first interaction. You’ll see that our word is as strong as our all-glass structures, and that our honesty is just as transparent.

When it comes to designing and installing building enclosure systems, no one can match us. From custom stick-built curtain walls to pre-glazed unitized curtain wall and structural glass facades, you can count on our decades of experience in providing high-quality products and services.

Our global glass and metal supply chain allows us to leverage the strengths of best-in-class fabricators around the world – and provides us with access to the right materials for any application. Our dedicated union labor force brings technical expertise in safety and production, working with a multitude of large-scale glass setting equipment and rigging for complex applications.

We provide extensive in-house modeling and testing capabilities, so you can be assured that your glass system is going to perform exactly how you expect it to.

Insight System with 46’ tall laminated glass fins with stainless steel bonded reveal profile and integrated concealed dead load shelves

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