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Engineered for Your Imagination

Introducing InsightTM — a revolutionary glass engineered system providing a high degree of transparency for walls, skylights and canopies. It provides a greater understanding of proximity and place, while exposing an entirely new view into the world, previously only imagined – until now.

Insight System with 46’ tall laminated glass fins with stainless steel bonded reveal profile and integrated concealed dead load shelves
10’ wide fin to fin module 
Solid stainless steel bar door portals 

Highly Collaborative — By Design

You Share Ideas

Get involved early. We encourage architects, designers and contractors to come to the table as active participants with creativity, sketches and functional approaches to design — so we can resolve issues during the design phase instead of in the field.

We Share Approaches

You know what you want, and we know how to get it done. Our design team reviews your plans and offers different ways of bringing your project to life. From budget and timeline to materials and compliance, we work together to create a uniquely collaborative solution that fulfills your vision.

Collaborate and Refine

Under our model, we all work towards a common goal: to achieve the best design. When done properly, we are one unified team moving in cohesion, ultimately generating added value for your clients and stakeholders through the work we create together.

FREE Collaborative Design Session
with our Glass Experts

See how the revolutionary Insight system fits in your design. Brainstorm and refine ideas with our glass experts, and experience the Insight System’s versatility for yourself.

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Why Insight

For any glass installation project that demands uniqueness and transparency.

Fully Customizable

Insight systems offer more options to adapt to any opening, including free-span, unsupported glass panels without mullions, concealed dead load shelf supported, structurally-glazed systems and point-supported glazing to a wide range of support structures. Get unmatched versatility with fully customizable options, tailor-made for your project.

Tested to Perform

Insight systems have undergone extensive testing to ensure safety and effectiveness under project loading conditions. W&W partners with best-in-class glass and metal fabricators to assure the highest level of quality, helping designers and owners achieve their ultimate vision.

Adapting to the Needs of the Industry

With decades of experience in the engineering, supply and installation of structural glass systems throughout the market, we have evolved to enhance our technology with the creation of Insight. Now architects and designers have a fully custom, specialty glazing system they can count on for the most innovative and stunning projects.

From Design to Installation, We Change the Way You See the World

See our limitless capabilities through our projects. From modern glass solutions installed with our extensive in-house installation expertise to guidance for our glazing partners in the field, we engineer and supply one-of-a-kind system designs.

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“Architects have been asking us for years what we can do to go beyond traditional structural glass systems. W&W has heard their calls and responded with Insight systems that achieve their desire for increased transparency, bigger spans and higher energy performance. We continue to drive the market forward with reliable, buildable solutions utilizing our vast in-house engineering and installation expertise.”

— Jeff Haber, Managing Partner

Two architects working together

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