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W&W GLASS INTRODUCES INSIGHT — W&W Glass Revolutionizes the Glass Industry with the Groundbreaking Insight System.

<Nanuet , NY > — Introducing Insight, the glass engineered system designed to provide a high degree of transparency for walls, skylights and canopies, from the leader in structural glass design and installation, W&W Glass. The Insight system is fully customizable with engineered options for free-span, unsupported glass panels without mullions and face glass connected with fittings to integrated back-up structures to adapt to nearly any opening or façade area.

Two monumental projects are underway using the Insight system:

On the first project, W&W will be providing the tallest single-piece glass fin supported enclosure in North America at almost sixty feet tall. A size that hasn’t been available to architects until now. The next, for a confidential manufacturing facility, featuring over 40,000 square feet of the Insight system for one of the largest expanses of free-span, insulating laminated structural glass units in America, with 9’2” wide by 32’ tall panels weighing over 12,000 lbs each, which has never been done before.

“Architects have been asking us for years what we can do to go beyond traditional structural glass systems. W&W has heard their calls and responded with Insight systems that achieve their desire for increased transparency, bigger spans and higher energy performance. We continue to drive the market forward with reliable, buildable solutions utilizing our vast in-house engineering and installation expertise.”

— Jeff Haber, Managing Partner

W&W has evolved from its decades of experience in engineering, supply and installation of point-supported glass systems in the market. They’ve enhanced their capabilities with the creation of Insight to fulfill a need in the industry for custom, specialty glazing systems. Insight solutions have undergone extensive testing to ensure their safety and effectiveness under project loading conditions. W&W partners with best-in-class glass and metal fabricators to assure the highest level of quality, helping designers and owners achieve their ultimate vision.

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Headquartered in Nanuet, NY, W&W Glass leads the industry in design, supply and installation of complex curtain wall facade systems and custom glass enclosures.

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