World-Class Engineering Starts with Pilkington Planar™

  1. The Only True Single-Source Manufactured and Tested Point-Supported Structural Glass System in the Industry 

    There are many manufacturers that can fabricate tempered glass or can make stainless steel fittings. These companies either purchase raw sheets of glass from a float glass manufacturer for fabrication or buy out fabricated glass to couple with their fittings. They then require an engineer to take responsibility for design calculations to prove the glass and fittings work together. There can be many variables in quality, design and performance through this chain. There is also no guarantee that the system will work when amalgamated together, since it generally does not have physical 1800 Arch Street - Progress Photo 3testing with the exact make-ups and design parameters of the project in mind. The Pilkington Planar™ system is fully vertically integrated from manufacturing of the float glass to tempering and fabrication and includes providing the manufactured fittings engineered to work with the exact glass make-ups required. Pilkington also checks each lite of glass for stress and deflection to assure there are no issues with sizing and project loading requirements. The complete package is from one source, manufactured only at Pilkington’s St. Helens, United Kingdom plant, is delivered right to the job site for installation.

  2. A 12-Year Comprehensive Warranty on the Complete System (Glass, Fittings, Design, Engineering, and Installation) Direct from the System Manufacturer Gives You Absolute Confidence

    Pilkington has the ability to offer such a long-term warranty due to their extensive years of testing and experience. W&W Glass also makes sure to provide an onsite field supervisor during the installation to assure a quality installation by the local glazing contractor as part of the Pilkington agreement. Clients know they are getting the highest quality product possible with a warranty they can rely on. No separate piecemeal warranties from a glass fabricator, a fittings supplier, and an installer that hires a local engineer to amalgamate something out of parts a pieces. No finger pointing if there are any issues. Only one supplier is responsible with this system.

  3. Pilkington Planar™ is Fully Customizable for Each Application 

    No two projects are exactly the same, so how can you have one fitting to meet all requirements? With the Pilkington Planar™ system there is high degree of customization of fittings and hardware available to suit aesthetics and loading criteria.Orlando International Airport - Photo 9

  4. Wide Range of Backup Structures Available

    A wide range of backup structures can be used to support the Pilkington Planar™ structural glass system like steel substructures, glass fins, steel plate beam and tension rod systems, tension trusses, vertical tension cables or cable nets.

  5. Roller Wave Distortion Control

    Roller wave distortion (the visual waviness inherent in tempered glass) is reduced to an average of 0.0007″ peak to valley per linear foot for tempered glass in lieu of the published standard of 0.05″. This exclusive feature of Pilkington Planar™ structural glass significantly reduces visual roller wave allowing the glass to accurately reflect its surroundings.

  6. Superior Tempering Quality Beverly Center - Photo 30

    Minimum compressive strength of 16,000 psi in a custom built modern furnace versus typical domestic tempering of 11,500 psi. This gives the glass added strength so that even when it is subjected to high static loading and dynamic loading, there will be very high factors of safety at the hole locations where maximum stress occurs.

  7. World-class engineering from Pilkington and W&W Glass

    Pilkington has been at the forefront of design in structural glazing since the invention of the Pilkington Planar™ point-supported structural glass system in the 1960’s.  They maintain a full staff of glass engineers to service the needs of its customers. The combined experience of one of the oldest and largest glass makers in the world with one of the largest glazing contractors in the United States assures a safe and successful result.

  8. Research and Testing 

    Pilkington maintains one of the largest glass research facilities in the world and regularly tests in-house for various Pilkington Planar™ projects to confirm validity of design. This is important to do so that the client can have confidence that the system will perform as designed before it gets installed on site.

  9. Dedicated Project Management Team 

    W&W Glass provides one-on-one project management for all Pilkington Planar™ projects. Our seasoned project managers help take customers from the shop drawings phase through fabrication and delivery while keeping pertinent schedules in mind. They also provide technical support once the product is in the field for installation.

  10. First-Class Design Assistance

    Architects and engineers can rely on W&W Glass to support their design needs. From up front design proposal detail assistance in person or through phone/e-mail, free of charge, to in depth design assist contracts if desired, we have you covered. Let us help you make sure the structural glazing solution is designed to meet the exact project aesthetic and loading requirements. We also are happy to provide specification assistance as well.

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