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Hybrid Tension Rod/Steel Beam Facades

A tension rod/steel beam system is a hybrid design between a cable net wall and a full steel substructure. This type of glass configuration allows horizontal steel plate beams or tubes to span across an opening (often pinned back to structural steel columns 20-40 feet on center) to act as a wind load brace. They are often pinned back to structural steel columns 20-40 feet on center. For this configuration, vertical tension rods or cables (connected to the front of the horizontal beams) support the dead load of the glass with Pilkington Planar™ countersunk fittings or custom patch fittings. The vertical rods/cables with fittings connect to the horizontal steel to pick up the sag  between column supports as well.


This system couples a minimal support structure, designed for a high level of transparency, with a low tension loading impact on the boundary structure. Various types of glass structures can be created incorporating tension rods, cables, simple tubes, or pipes designed in numerous configurations to support the Pilkington Planar™ façade. 


W&W Glass can supply the backup structure along with the Pilkington Planar™ system as a complete design/build product.


There are many variations and options available depending on the design intent and structure available. Please consult a W&W Glass architectural design specialist for specific application recommendations by using the contact form below..