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It’s been over four months since we began installation at 10 Hudson Yards, and we’re excited to share some updates on the project! Most recently, the cables that will be supporting the glass panels were installed.

The above image shows the thickness and scale of one of the galvanized cables as they arrived on the site for installation. This cable will be one of five used for the Pilkington PlanarTM cable wall facade spanning from floors 6 to 21 of the Coach Atrium.

This image, looking up at 10 Hudson Yards, shows the cable being hoisted up the building for installation at the Coach Atrium wall. This cable wall area is a trapezoidal shape that is 207 feet tall at it’s highest point!

Above, workers begin tensioning the cables. Tension facades use high tensile cables or stainless steel rods to impose the loads of the facade on the main structure. This decreases the amount of solid structural elements visible on the project, therefore increasing the transparency of the facade.

This is what the Coach Atrium cable wall of 10 Hudson Yards looks like after multiple cables have been installed before the fittings and glass are put in place. A simplistic way of thinking of this procedure is that of stringing a tennis racket. A surrounding frame is built with cables brought across it and those cables are pulled tight and locked in place. These systems, however, impose tens to hundreds of thousands of pounds on the surrounding structure (depending on width of module and unsupported spans), often requiring large steel truss beams at the head and large reinforced embed plates in concrete or steel members at the base for tensioning off of.

Dubbed the largest construction project of its kind, the Hudson Yards project masterplan will include over 16 skyscrapers and 17,4400,000 sqft of office, residential and retail space stretched across twenty-eight acres on the Far West Side. We’re proud to be a part of this project and are excited to bring you more updates as the project moves forward!

In the next month, we’ll be setting fittings and installing the glass on this wall, as well as stringing cables on the lobby walls along located along the High Line. Keep an eye on our blog and social media for even more photos as we continue to work on this new historic project in New York City.

W&W Glass LLC is a family owned business with a 70-year history in the metal and glass industry, one of the largest metal and glass companies in the New York metropolitan area and the largest supplier of structural glass systems in the country. We have over two decades of experience in the design and installation of various building enclosure systems, including stick-built curtain walls, pre-glazed unitized curtain walls, Pilkington Planar™ structural glass facades, and custom metal and glass enclosure systems. We install all of our work with our own dedicated union labor force. W&W is consistently the largest employer of glaziers in the NY metropolitan area.

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