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W&W Glass Team Supports Kenseth, Featured on DeWalt Car at Pocono 400


Sports may be so popular worldwide because of the similarity in the way that it mirrors everyday life in the business world with challenging undertakings, amazing triumphs, and difficult defeats. W&W Glass is a nationally-acclaimed commercial glazing contractor and structural glass supplier known for taking on challenging projects, implementing innovative engineering solutions, and utilizing precision glazing techniques on a wide variety of buildings. To win on the NASCAR circuit, all team members have a job to do and must perform together at a high level. W&W strives to do the same on every project to achieve successful results for their clients.

At the recent Pocono 400 held in Lake Pond, Pennsylvania, W&W Glass team members saw first-hand how they get the job done in NASCAR. DeWalt invited several W&W Glass members to take a firsthand view of the #20 DeWalt car and meet its champion driver Matt Kenseth. Notice the back of Matt’s car where the W&W Glass logo is proudly displayed.        




The W&W Glass logo is proudly on the back of the DeWalt #20 car


The Pocono Raceway is 2.5 miles long but can be a challenging race, which gives it a signature moniker “the tricky triangle”. The Pocono 400 is one stop in the NASCAR Monster Energy Cup racing series. The team got so see up close and personal the first hand precision of the pit crew in action.



Just like on a job site, all team members must work in concert to achieve the team goal


Working at optimum speed and performance in crowded spaces is something that W&W Glass team members know firsthand, as many projects are surrounded by existing buildings, busy streets, and sometimes near-impossible logistical restrictions.




Kenseth works in heavy traffic to maneuver into position


Kenseth explains to the team all the intricate details of the car, pits, and races before the race begins, as he mentally prepares for the grueling 5 hour race.




While Matt didn’t win this time, he finished a respectable 10th place in a very talented field. It was a great day for racing and W&W Glass wants to thank everyone from DeWalt for inviting the W&W team to be a part of a great event this summer. It was an honor to have the W&W Glass logo proudly displayed for the race!




The W&W Glass Team at the Pocono 400 in Lake Pond, PA



W&W Glass LLC is a family owned business with a 70-year history in the metal and glass industry, one of the largest metal and glass companies in the New York metropolitan area and the largest supplier of structural glass systems in the country. We have over two decades of experience in the design and installation of various building enclosure systems, including stick-built curtain walls, pre-glazed unitized curtain walls, Pilkington Planar structural glass facades, and custom metal and glass enclosure systems. We install all of our work with our own dedicated union labor force. W&W is consistently the largest employer of glaziers in the NY metropolitan area.

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